BlackRock Cachematrix was created because we knew there had to be a better way for companies to manage their liquidity investing. We believed that cash management was too time consuming and overly complicated, so in 2003 (through a predecessor company) we set out to simplify this process.

As our innovative solution began to attract attention across the industry, we saw an opportunity to provide our platform as Software as a Service (SaaS) to financial institutions that were in search of new technologies for their corporate treasury clients. This allowed us to make our platforms more accessible than traditional enterprise software by providing us the ability to deploy frequent enhancements to all clients.

From our humble beginnings in a small office in Denver, equipped with a pet frog named Gary, to our extended network and expanded support system across multiple locations after our acquisition by BlackRock, we have grown substantially over the years. There's also a lot that has not changed, however. We continue to be thought leaders in the financial technology space, constantly looking to the future and evolving our technologies through our expertise. That same spirit of innovation that made us a financial technology pioneer continues to define our culture, and we remain dedicated to the goal we began with: 

To simplify cash management across the globe


Our leadership

Cindy Bernhardt
Head of BlackRock Cachematrix, Managing Director​ ​
Cindy is the Head of BlackRock Cachematrix, overseeing platform growth, enhancing client service, managing risk, promoting operational efficiency and driving new product development.
Damien Donoghue
Global Head of Business Development, Managing Director
​Damien leads the global distribution, client servicing, commercialization and expansion of the BlackRock Cachematrix business.
Tricia Turner
Tricia leads international business development and relationship management while helping to shape client and product strategy across BlackRock Cachematrix.