Innovative and efficient liquidity management

Our individual financial institution-branded solution is designed to help our clients stay ahead of the competition by adding convenience to their corporate investors' cash management. Through the Cachematrix Platform, our financial institution clients offer treasury professionals the ability to:

  • Streamline the tactical aspects of day-to-day corporate treasury cash work
  • Access robust tools and functionality to maximize efficiency of liquidity deployment decisions

Cachematrix delivers more than just software

We deliver a complete end-to-end investment platform catered to the specific research, order placement, and reporting needs of financial institutions and corporate treasurers.
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Robust analysis capabilites

Cachematrix's analysis toolsets provide granular insight, flexible grouping, filtering, and sophisticated modeling capabilities. These capabilities were designed to allow the user to build and maintain a portfolio that meets their specific investment objectives.

Simplified investment processes

Our platform provides the ability to quickly and easily conduct multi-instrument batch transactions while allowing administrators to control access, define compliance rules, and authorize user permissions.

Real-time visibility and reporting

Our reporting functionality provides pre-generated and dynamic reports designed to suit a variety of organizational needs.
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Comprehensive risk management capabilities

Cachematrix offers a suite of functionality designed to empower our clients and their users with risk management tools and information. Capabilities include the ability to create rules specific to an investment policy that serve as digital "guard rails" for portfolios, and customizable and personalized alerting functionality.
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