The Cachematrix Platform automates the execution and settlement process

Cachematrix is pleased to highlight our Auto-Settlement functionality, which is designed to automate the execution and settlement process through a secure, SWIFT-based solution. We believe that this functionality demonstrates our keen focus on producing innovative technologies that simplify the workflow and create efficiencies, while also reducing risk for both our financial institution clients and their corporate clients.

Auto-Settlement Diagram

How does Auto-Settlement work on the Cachematrix Platform?

Cachematrix will assist in coordinating the required standardized workflow for Auto-Settlement with you and the settlement bank(s). Once this process has been established and approved, clients can set up their settlement instructions and preferences directly in their Cachematrix-powered Cash Management Platform.

The value of Auto-Settlement on the Cachematrix Platform

Aims to reduce operating errors

Auto-Settlement utilizes an automated process, which we believe reduces operational risk, such as mistakes due to human error, as well as the risk of failed settlement.

Seeks to increase workflow efficiency

Through the use of straight-through processing, Auto-Settlement centralizes the technology processes needed for execution and settlement, which aims to create greater workflow efficiency.

Helps to decrease wire delay

With all processes under their Cachematrix-powered Platform, Auto-Settlement aims to reduce wire delay to effectively assist in carrying out trade orders from start to finish as quickly as possible.

Why Cachematrix?

At Cachematrix, we believe that the cash management process shouldn't be cumbersome – which is why we are focused on improving our technologies to meet the evolving needs of our clients. Our enhanced Auto-Settlement functionality is aimed at improving day-to-day workflow efficiency while seeking to reduce risk through automation. To learn more about how Auto-Settlement can improve the client experience and keep you competitive in the marketplace, please contact your Cachematrix representative.