Efficient Liquidity Management

Our turnkey, individual bank-branded solution allows our clients to stay ahead of the competition by providing the best liquidity management platform available. Through Cachematrix's platform, our bank clients offer treasury executives the ability to:

  • Streamline the tactical aspects of day-to-day corporate treasury cash work
  • Access robust tools and functionality to maximize efficiency of liquidity deployment decisions
  • Focus on the strategic initiatives that provide a higher return on their efforts

Cachematrix delivers more than just software. We deliver a complete end-to-end investment platform catered to the specific research, trading and reporting needs of corporate treasury and financial institutions.

They have a very good reputation in the industry. Communication has always been really good; I can call anybody, and I get a call right back.

— Director at a top-ten global bank



Cachematrix's analysis toolset provides granular insight, flexible grouping, filtering, and sophisticated modeling capabilities, allowing the user to build and maintain a portfolio that meets their specific investment objectives.


Our trading module provides the ability to quickly and easily trade multi-instrument batch transactions while allowing administrators to control access, compliance definitions and authorization at the user level.


Our reporting functionality presents a complete set of pre-generated and dynamic reports, providing information relevant to each user's organizational needs.


Our Platform's Investments

Cachematrix works directly with the industry's most sought after cash investment managers to provide access to best-in-class products and services.