Powering connectivity through TMS integrations

A treasury management system (TMS) seeks to centralize the tools a corporate treasurer needs in one consolidated interface. We understand that many corporate treasury clients use a TMS in addition to their Cachematrix-powered Cash Management Platform, which is why we have integrated with several TMS vendors. We believe that our focus on building connectivity and efficiency for all of our clients is enhanced through our TMS integrations, which seek to offer a seamless user experience. In an effort to expand our offerings to better serve your business needs, we are continuously working to add more integrations into our ecosystem. To learn more about our existing and custom TMS integrations, contact your Cachematrix representative today.

Types of TMS integrations on the Cachematrix Platform

File-based integrations

This type of integration uses file transfer to send portfolio data directly to the TMS.

Repurchase Agreements and Commercial Paper

Direct TMS integrations

This type of integration offers a single-sign on investment solution directly with the TMS.

Repurchase Agreements and Commercial Paper

The value of TMS integrations on the Cachematrix Platform

Seeks to provide a more holistic view

Our TMS integrations aim to provide a more complete view of a client's portfolio positions and balances across the various technologies they may utilize to manage their cash.

Aims to reduce the risk of human error

Straight-through processing provided by our TMS integrations seeks to reduce the possibility of human error, which can happen when multiple non-integrated systems are needed to transact.

Helps to receive quick access to additional data

Rather than navigating through multiple technologies and sets of data, TMS integrations can provide quick access to portfolio data in a single location.

We believe that by offering TMS integrations, your corporate treasury clients will be provided with enhanced functionality that streamlines their cash management process and improves their day-to-day efficiency. For more information on how TMS integrations can enhance your technology offering, or to discuss available and custom TMS integrations, contact your Cachematrix representative.

1 Bank Administration Institute (BAI) file format is used in electronic cash management balance reporting.

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