CacheMonitor: A new way to manage risk

Corporate treasurers often use investment policies as a tool to help navigate today's risk-adverse financial climate. We believe that with the help of CacheMonitor, a suite of functionality aimed at empowering your clients with risk management tools and information, we can digitize some of the application of a carefully constructed investment policy.

How your clients can use CacheMonitor

CacheMonitor seeks to put the control into the hands of your clients' Administrators, or Super Traders1, by allowing them to create rules specific to their investment policy that serve as digital "guard rails" for portfolios. CacheMonitor allows for several rule types including defining:

  • Assets under management levels
  • Weighted average maturity levels
  • Investment parameters for specific funds and fund families

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CacheMonitor also includes alerting functionality, which provides customizable delivery of portfolio information based on personalized parameters across Cachematrix Platform functionalities. If an established rule is violated by a proposed trade, Super Traders can choose to notify the user and/ or block the trade. Alerts can be sent to you and/or your clients via:

  • Email
  • SMS
  • The Cachematrix Platform via widget alerts, the Alerts History page, or through global messaging.

The value of CacheMonitor for your clients

Confidence in users' adherence to investment policy rules

Before a trade order is sent, CacheMonitor runs the trade order through the investment policy rules and generates an alert if the order will cause a violation. This functionality aims to reduce risk and help your clients trade more confidently by providing the opportunity to take corrective actions on trade orders before potential violations of established rules.

Access to on-demand reporting and analysis of a portfolio's compliance

Your clients will have access to real-time reporting and analysis of their trade orders and adherence to their established investment policy rules. For your clients' added convenience, CacheMonitor performs automated portfolio monitoring, which conducts daily compliance checks without the need to log in to the Cachematrix Platform.

We are excited about the digital revolution of risk management and this new functionality, which we believe will empower your clients to better adhere to their investment policies. Contact your Cachematrix representative today to learn more about implementing CacheMonitor on your platform.

1 Super Traders have the ability to view, trade and determine tradable funds. Super Traders can also grant a user view and trade access, as well as manage investment policy rules.

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