Bank Products Supported

In 2009, we began to support bank products on the Cachematrix Platform, and we have made them an integral part of our technology offering ever since. We understand that bank products are a critical tool you use as not only a potential source of revenue, but to assist with balance sheet management and to help you deliver the right choice of quality investment products to your clients.

Bank Products Supported on the Cachematrix Platform

Certificates of Deposits (CDs), Interest Bearing Accounts, and Time Deposits

Bank clients may also be interested in the products listed below, which have been successfully implemented on the Cachematrix Platform:

Repurchase Agreements and Commercial Paper

We are continuously working to support new products on the Cachematrix Platform to better accomodate your evolving needs.

The Value of Bank Products Supported on the Cachematrix Platform

Choose your offerings

Through your Cachematrix-powered solution, you can make available the bank products of yourchoosing directly to corporate clients.

Customize and target

You can set the rates of your bank products and promote those products to particular clients.

Gain insight

The ability to monitor products may help you gain insights into your clients’ investment activity.

Terms and conditions

To assist with regulatory guidelines, you can include relevant local conditions and/or other applicable account terms and conditions in your product offerings.

About Cachematrix Holdings, LLC

Cachematrix is a global financial technology firm that aims to simplify cash management for leading banks and their corporate clients. We believe our team's expertise in banking, financial technology and asset management drives successful platform integrations, innovative products, and market intelligence for our financial institution partners. Cachematrix is an indirect, wholly owned subsidiary of BlackRock, global leader in investment management, risk management and advisory services for institutional and retail clients. For more information, visit, or follow us on LinkedIn.