Cachematrix forms partnership with three+one

Denver, CO - January 3, 2018 - Cachematrix is pleased to announce it is partnering with three+one, a liquidity analysis advisory service for government and municipal markets as well as for higher education institutions. This partnership should aid Cachematrix's goals of accessing new markets and enhancing current technologies.

Founded in 2014, three+one was created to help public entities and higher education institutions navigate the ever-changing financial industry through a unique liquidity analysis. three+one's current model aims to determine a client's operational cash levels and segment their liquidity so that the client can more intelligently invest their cash over longer periods of time and potentially receive higher rates of risk-managed return on investments.

Cachematrix has built a module for three+one that takes the algorithm that powers three+one and applies it to the cash transactions and positions of a client, then calculates cash segmentation by duration. three+one aims to bring value to its clients who can utilize the Cachematrix web-based platform to take a once manual process and upgrade it into automated and customizable analytics and reporting service stocked with real-time data.

"We're excited for the partnership with three+one and the future possibilities it may bring," said Fred Berretta, Cachematrix's Global Head of Sales. "This partnership has given Cachematrix the opportunity to explore a new market while also helping enhance our analytics and reporting capabilities."

"We are thrilled with our partnership with Cachematrix. Cachematrix's culture of entrepreneurship and their client-centric focus aligns to us beautifully," said Joseph Rulison, co-founder and CEO of three+one. "The platform that Cachematrix has developed will help us to bring liquidity analysis to our clients much more quickly and easily, while also enabling us to become proactive and cutting-edge in a marketplace that we believe needs attention and focus."

The belief is that this partnership will also enhance Cachematrix platform technology, delivering a more holistic view of cash levels and liquidity to Cachematrix clients and their corporate clients.

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About Cachematrix Holdings, LLC

Cachematrix is a global financial technology firm that simplifies cash management for leading banks and their corporate clients. We believe our team's expertise in banking, financial technology and asset management drives successful platform integrations, innovative products, and market intelligence for our financial institution partners. Cachematrix is an indirect, wholly owned subsidiary of BlackRock, global leader in investment management, risk management and advisory services for institutional and retail clients. For more information, visit, or follow us on LinkedIn.

About three+one

three+one helps public entities and higher education institutions navigate through the upcoming changes in the new banking marketplace without changing day to day functions, while providing tools to measure one's success. Through a unique cash flow analysis, three+one helps identify and match the specific short and long-term needs of a client to those services being offered by their local banks. For more information, visit, or follow us on LinkedIn.