Cachematrix Releases Comprehensive Solution for 2a-7 Reform

Denver, CO - October 12, 2016 - On September 24 2016, Cachematrix successfully released the final of three major updates to support 2a-7 Reform. The systematic, functional and interface updates contained in these releases encompass a body of work over a year in process, providing end users of the Cachematrix Liquidity Platform with the information and tools needed to monitor, analyze and trade fluctuating NAV money funds.

"Throughout every step of readying the Cachematrix platform for amendments to 2a-7, we focused on simplifying cash management for both banks and their corporate clients", says Dave Agostine, CEO of Cachematrix. "The recent changes to the platform are designed with that in mind, specifically to make corporate treasury professionals more aware of the differences between constant and fluctuating NAV instruments from a display, analysis, execution, compliance and reporting standpoint."

A summary of enhancements and existing functionality to support 2a-7 reform include:

User Interface

  • Clear separation of constant and fluctuating NAV positions within a portfolio
  • Addition of new SEC-mandated data points to support fluctuating NAV instruments throughout the platform
  • Updated position balances displayed in dollars and shares
  • Clear visibility into strike times for each individual fluctuating NAV CUSIP


  • Ability to dynamically compare daily and historical performance and volatility of money funds across all important data points, such as daily liquidity, weekly liquidity and net shareholder flows
  • Insight into detailed exposure metrics of portfolio
  • Generation of model portfolios that allow investors to generate optimal performance while keeping composition and exposure levels within the investment policy


  • Ability to redeem fluctuating NAV position in dollars or shares
  • Inclusion of fund-level threshold-setting around dollar-based redemptions


  • User-defined alerts based on user-set thresholds
  • Bank-level control to suspend trading activity on CUSIPS that have gates and/or fees
  • Trade flow notifications on CUSIPS with redemption fees


  • SEC-compliant Gain/Loss reports generated at custom time intervals of reach end user
  • Fully customized reports generated for each individual bank according to their specific needs and time intervals

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