Cachematrix Now Provides Banks the Ability to Offer Their Corporate Clients Direct, Fully Disclosed Money Fund Investing

Bank's corporate clients can now Invest Directly with Fund Companies

DENVER, November 13, 2012 -Cachematrix (, the leading provider of money market fund, bank product trading and sweep technology for banks and financial institutions, announced today that it has launched the direct to fund trading model that allows bank corporate clients direct and fully disclosed money fund investing and settlement.

With growing demand by corporate clients for direct fund settlement and fully disclosed accounts Cachematrix has developed a portal solution that is licensed to banks that gives them the ability to allow their corporate customers to trade fully disclosed and settle directly with top institutional funds via a customized, bank branded portal.

Cachematrix's SaaS model allows a bank the ability to capitalize on existing, proven portal technology and provide a necessary liquidity solution for their clients, while also adding a new revenue stream for the bank.

Cachematrix will deliver a custom, intuitive, bank branded front-end system for bank corporate clients to use. Corporate treasurers will settle directly with the funds, as well as receive direct monthly statements from each fund family in which they invest.

"I realize that there are unresolved questions associated with the traditional omnibus method of settlement that most money fund portals use," said Cachematrix Founder and CEO, George Hagerman. "After listening to our bank partners and many of their Fortune 1000 clients I understood this was an area that needed to be addressed."

Hagerman adds, "Direct settlement functionality complements our existing suite of settlement models and can be implemented as part of a bank's existing omnibus settlement framework or can be set up independently for direct settlement only."

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