Cachematrix Unveils Enhanced Money Fund Holdings Transparency Dashboard

Introducing Cachematrix ATLAS® - the best of breed analytics and transparency module for corporate treasurers

DENVER, May 16, 2012 -Cachematrix (, the leading provider of institutional money market fund and fixed income trading technology for banks and financial institutions, announced today that it has launched Cachematrix ATLAS, the first of its kind money market fund holdings transparency dashboard and search module.

This next generation money market fund portfolio holdings analytics module provides Cachematrix's Bank partners with a powerful, yet easy to use interface to offer their corporate clients. Cachematrix ATLAS will provide institutional investors with much needed visibility into the world of money market fund holdings accessible at their fingertips.

Cachematrix ATLAS will help treasurers identify exposure risk by visually representing the user's largest exposures by Country, Holding, Security Category, Issuer, and Portfolio Liquidity Distribution. Each of these groupings allows the user to select a specific data point and drill deeper into the data to customize specific reports.

For Country exposure, the user can either select a specific country to view the underlying securities and/or issuers, or visually represent their exposure on an interactive world map.

"The biggest single driver for any product development that we undertake is the end user, which in this case is the corporate treasurer of Fortune 500 firms. After thorough research and focus group sessions we listened to our Bank's clients and the result is the Cachematrix ATLAS transparency dashboard," said Cachematrix Founder and CEO, George Hagerman. "The launch of Cachematrix ATLAS signifies my commitment to provide an industry leading risk assessment tool to our Bank partners that they can then provide to their corporate clients." Hagerman adds, "Our objective in developing Cachematrix ATLAS is to deliver a dynamic, high-level dashboard component that allows corporations the ability to assess potential risk factors across their entire portfolio at a glance on a daily basis, while enabling comprehensive access into multiple sectors when necessary."

Hagerman continued, "We designed ATLAS with the future in mind, because what is pertinent today may change tomorrow."

About Cachematrix Holdings, LLC

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