Fred Berretta

Global Head of Sales

Fred Berretta has an extensive career in the investment and financial services industry, having held several executive positions in his twenty-five year tenure at Bank of America Merrill Lynch, within its Global Wealth, Investment Management and Global Transaction Services divisions. He began his career in institutional trust and securities operations, moving on to help launch the mutual fund division of NationsBank in the early 90s. He worked in several leadership capacities including fund development and capitalization campaigns across the equity, fixed income and money market asset classes, founding and managing the institutional corporate cash and liquidity investment business, overseeing the institutional separate account distribution, client service and product management division, supervising multiple fund integrations from merger activity from fifteen asset management subsidiaries, and creating the offshore fund line, Bank of America Global Liquidity Funds, serving as a board director.

From 2008 through 2015, Fred led the evolution of Global Liquidity Investment Solutions (GLIS), an innovative business model launched in 2009 focusing on the fixed income, liquidity and investment needs of corporate, local government, and non-profit clients of Bank of America. In that role, he was responsible for global distribution for securities, money market funds and liquidity investment product solutions, and client portal strategy, design and management. 


Fred has a Bachelor of Science in Business with a concentration in Financial Analysis from Wake Forest University and holds six securities licenses. He is also a licensed pilot and published author.